1″ triangle blocks

I’ve been working on this “scrap” project for awhile. These 1 1/2″ triangle units, that finish out at 1″, are made from left over fabrics from other projects. The big “blocks” take me at least 2 hours to lay out on my improvised design board, and then depending on my other sewing activities at the time can take me two to four weeks to sew together. I make the individual 1 1/2″ units as bunnies for starting and finishing when I’m sewing anything and I keep a pile of scrap units ready at all times. It will probably take me years to get enough of these blocks finished to make into a bed quilt, The big squares finish at 19 1/2″.  I love the process and the project.   I have made several blocks that I won’t be using because I didn’t like the layout of the design. I finally settled on a layout that is somewhat scrappy but still has a rhythm to it.

What are you working on today?


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