The Farm

Home is where the heart is.
In this workshop, participants will cut and raw edge fuse a simple yet elegant design reminiscent of times gone by. The especially hand dyed 100% cotton fabric is provided in a kit, so only a minimum of supplies are necessary to enjoy the experience. All levels.
Materials List:  Required kit, $35 payable to instructor, includes 4 – ¼ yards of Special Gradation hand dyed Fabrics and paper pattern.
Other supplies students need to bring to class:

  • 3 yards of Wonder Under fusible web #805 (it states on the end of the bolt)
  • Pencil and extra fine sharpie marker (found at office supply stores)
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • Box of parchment paper, a brand name like Reynolds, Costco or Sam’s club only
  • Small iron for special fusing at the table with an extension cord.

Teacher will have available for sale in the classroom, hand dyed fabrics, patterns with kits and other usable notions.

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