Emerging Leaves class for Paducah

Level: Beginner to Advanced—1/2 day—No sewing machine required













With the first buds of spring to that last dying leaf on the tree, we all respond to the beauty of leaves. The colors and shapes, the vast varieties, and sizes inspire and delight us. In this workshop, participants will cut several leaf shapes, collage them onto fabric dyed in a beautiful seasonal color way. The collage is simple yet elegant and naturally suited for the quiet reflection of passing seasons. The specially hand dyed 100% cotton and silk is provided in a kit, so only a minimum of supplies are necessary to enjoy the experience.

Supply List: No machine required

  • $30 Kit – consisting of 2 – half yards of Special Gradation hand dyed Fabrics that are pre-fused for this class and paper pattern.
  • Sharp fabric scissors, paper scissors
  • Box of parchment paper
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