Quilting Arts TV series

Learn how to make and quilt this easy Rainbow crib quilt.

QATV Series 1100

Tune in to the latest season of ‘QATV’ to get fresh ideas for contemporary quilting, explore a multitude of artful approaches to design techniques, and more.


Hosted by Pokey Bolton, founder of Quilting Arts® Magazine, ‘Quilting Arts TV’ features many of today’s top quilt artists as guests including: Frieda Anderson, Wendy Butler Berns, AnneMarie Chany, Ginny Eckley, Ellen Anne Eddy, Elizabeth Hartman, Heather Jones, Jane LaFazio, Libby Lehman, Penny McMorris, Jenny Novinsky, Debra Quartermain, Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Luana Rubin, Sophie Rubin, Laura Wasilowski, and Carol Ann Waugh.
In this incredible latest season, you’ll learn free-motion machine quilting designs and techniques; surface design—from screen printing to working with soy wax resist and dyes; modern quilting ideas; machine work including decorative machine stitching, bobbin drawing, couching, and trapunto; hand embroidery; a review of sewing machine feet; tips for tension adjustment; and plenty more!

You’ll also be on your way to making projects ranging from quilts and wall hangings to festive table-top flags and pressing boards. Dive into the newest season of ‘QATV’ and fall instantly in love with each spectacular episode.

I am in two of the episodes with my Rainbow Quilt. This perfect size baby quilt is made with two yards of my rainbow gradation fabric and one yard of white fabric.

I hope you will check it out. I show you how to make the quilt and then how I machine quilted it.

Behind the scenes with Pokey. It was so much fun to do the TV show!!  I will have to do it again.
You can download the directions RainbowquiltPDFpat
Happy Quilting today!