Room with a view


Laura W and I went to the exhibit at the Art Institute¬†in Chicago last Friday, VanGogh’s bedroom. It was wonderful. What I really love about special exhibits is all the additional information you get concerning the artist and the time period. They even had a full scale mock-up of his room for you to view…

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Emily Parson

My good friend Emily Parson, has done a fabulous post about going to and having a quilt in Quilt Con this year. Emily is beginning to teach her wonderful modern quilt techniques. If your quilt guild is looking for a modern quilt teacher, she’s your gal. Go check it out here.

Rainbow Pines


I have been heading in a new direction this last year with my quilt making style. I have always loved curves and have done some free-form curved piecing, on some new pieces that use the technique that will be featured in the upcoming Quilting Arts magazine. This new freezer paper technique allows me to achieve…

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Happiness Index

I just got home from visiting some of my grandkids. Happiness! I made a new bed quilt for my son and daughter -in-law. While I was helping spread the quilt over their king size bed I noticed my DIL’s bedside reading, O magazine, talking about depression. I struggle with depression every day. Don’t worry not…

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