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More fusing tips

Here are a few more tips about using fusible web.1. Use your release paper to transfer designs.This is a trick I learned from my good pal Laura. You can draw on the release paper or parchment paper and it will transfer to the back of the fused fabric.If you draw with a extra fine sharpie…

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Let’s talk about fusing. Most of my quilts are fused. I teach fusing techniques all over the world, and still I get lots of questions from readers. So let’s talk about fusing. I use WonderUnder #805. It is the only fusible web product that I use. I have been using it for a very long…

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More Fusing

Yesterday I talked about some of the things to keep in mind when you are using fusible web.Here are a few more thoughts and suggestions.1. Make samples of things before you put them into a quilt. This seems like an obvious idea but so many people, me included sometimes, don’t take the time to do…

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